Role of Guest Host

Role of Guest Host

The actual talent contest has 3 working parts:
  • Aspiring Artists or contestants (YOU)
  • Guest Hosts (not Judges)
  • Charities

Contestants upload one or several audition videos according to age and category for the space of one month. Word of mouth, Tell everyone you know to vote for You and  share your link on your social media to get people (the audience) to vote for YOU!!!

Guest Hosts (are not Judges). They review uploaded audition videos in their designated particular category and watch the Top 20 Vote getting talent audition videos. They may have a direct Teleconference call line with the Top 20 contestants per week when a designated Guest Host(s) are available. It is their responsibility to critique and review the videos with Positives and Only Positives, No Negatives. Nothing else will do.

They also have access to receiving ONE Wild Card i.e. the golden ticket, among other things to level the playing field (as we said earlier) or to give that much needed opportunity to someone who has maintained top level audition video exposure and talent quality, but might have failed on any given week, for any reason to not make it into the Finals.

Ex. Amy makes the top 20 in the first and second weeks. But not in the third week. The Guest Host can choose to use their ONE Wild Card to get Amy into the finals because the Guest Host believes she deserves it.

Guest Hosts are also asked by the 2B A Rising Star “Company” who or what is their favorite charity so that the “Company” can donate money to these foundations or NGOs in their name and on their behalf as the 2B A Rising Star Guest Host.