Videos & Categories

Videos & Categories

white dog and gray cat hugging each other on grass


Have a pet that does amazing tricks? This is the category for you!

three silver paint brushes on white textile


Are you talented in sculpture, painting, ceramics, body art, graphics? This is your category for the visual arts.

red ferrari 458 italia parked in front of white wall


Classics, restorations, unique, supercars, if it’s a car, and it’s special, this is your category!

person cutting vegetables with knife

Best Chef

Artistic in the kitchen? Creative, inventive, exciting, show everyone what you’ve got!

pink emoji neon signage


Are you the next Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan or Louis Black? This category is for any comedy routine, stand up, skit, or act. Notice: This category may contain inappropriate content and language not suitable for minors.

baby in white shirt and black pants lying on brown carpet

Cutest Baby

Cute, funny, heartwarming, This is for parents who think their kids are the greatest!

woman jumping and reflex her body


Self-explanatory. This category is for all dance routines, including but not limited to modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, etc., with one or more participants.

black DJ turn table next to laptop computer

DJ Mixmaster

You know who you are. If you are getting the crowd into your mix, this is your category!

low angle photography of motocross player performing motocross flying style

Extreme Sports

These sports are typically thrilling and involve a high(er) level of risk. They often include extremes of physical exertion, speed, height, etc. Have a skateboarding, parasailing, snowboarding, motocross, bicycle trick video, or any other along this line? This is your spot.

pink and brown makeup brush set

Fashion Design

Are you the one that’s going to take the world like Maisie Wileson, Kenneth Ize, Chopova Lowena, Else Hardjopawiro, JB Couture this is yours!

assorted umbrella above the street


Have a funny video like on Americas Funniest Videos? This is where your material belongs!

black and white playing card


Do you have an amazing ability to perform magic? Are YOU the next David Copperfield, David Blaine, Shin Lim or Dustin Tavella If so, the world wants to see it!

gray microphone in room


Do you have a physical appearance that contributes to brand value? Are you perhaps the next 2B A Rising Star Spokesperson? Upload a video where you explain why you should be our next Spokes-model.

Performing Art

2B A Rising Star is all about you. This is what the 2B A Rising Star is about. The world and our Guest Hosts want Y O U !

black Sony point-and-shoot camera on yellow surface


Like the rest of the world, we want to see your pictures or videos of the world we live in!

Close-up of a white line on green grass in a soccer field


Every venue, every competition, anything amazing. This is your category!

red xbox one game controller

Video Games

You are our future. Show us what you are doing, show us your own designs. Let’s go, future Gamer influencers!


Solo or group vocals, with or without musical accompaniment.

person holding video camera

Web Series Pilot

We want the greatest screenplays ever. We will present to screenwriters and producers who give a green light to projects. this is your category!

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